Building a Tiny Hemp House

Just as I decided that I wanted to build a house out of hemp (if you aren’t already in the know, google hempcrete as I think you may want one too!), I learned of a tiny hemp house build taking place in Berthoud, CO. I spent 3 days (Sept. 15 -17th) helping with a second build on the property and finishing the first tiny house on site. I learned a ton about how to mixing and what you need to build with hemp as it was my first experience. What was most suprising was that the majority of the hurd (the woody core of the hemp stalk that is chopped into small pieces) can from Denmark and the UK! I didn’t understand why it wasn’t all coming from CO but quickly realized that processing is not readily available and frankly, there’s not as much hemp being grown as you would think at this point. Hope we can change this soon!

Thanks John Patterson and Tiny Hemp Houses ( for making this happen!

– Tracy Rice

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