Hemp Symposium Blossoms in Second Season


This was such a great event! Thank you Beverlee McClure, Adams State and all of the participants for all you are doing to grow the industrial industry here in the US…


ALAMOSA — The hemp industry continues to grow, but a few snags remain.  Experts from across the state gave an update on the current condition of the crop at Adams State University’s second annual SLV Hemp Symposium at the Student Union Building on Nov. 10.

ASU President Beverlee J. McClure, pictured above, opened the symposium with a few remarks about the San Luis Valley being an early adopter of the plant.

“This is an emerging industry,” McClure said. “I know that we really are driving this car while we build it. I know sometimes it seems like there are more questions than there are answers, but I’m still excited and energized… We have the opportunity to lead this industry. This isn’t about the Valley playing catch up. This is about us being ahead.” (continue reading)

Adams State University President Beverlee J. McClure
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