Product of the Week – New Belgium’s Hemp Beer

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Now we’re talking… HEMP BEER!
I was fortunate to try this at a Hemp Festival several months ago but even more fortunate to find the one and only last 6 pack at a local grocery store this past weekend. It was just in time for my camping trip to watch the best meteor shower of the year. Lucky me!
Although I tried to catch a shot while I was sipping on it during one of the incredible evening thunderstorm that have been hitting here in northern NM daily, I had to wait until the a.m. as it was just too dark. I was going to call this one ‘beer for breakfast’ however, that would be stretching the truth.
Bottom line, try it if you’re a beer fan! It certainly smells like ‘weed’ but really enjoyed the flavor especially since I’m not a traditional IPA fan.
PS – once the clouds rolled away, the stars were AMAZING! Hope you caught a glimpse too!
I hope you too can find it at your local beer supplier but if not, I’m sure New Belgium would be happy to tell you where to find.

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