Product of the Week – HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter

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HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter 

  •  All natural cat litter made from 100% renewable, eco friendly Canadian hemp fiber; our organic ingredients are flushable and biodegradable. Contains no fillers or toxic clay.
  • Up to 5X more absorbent; no more time wasted chiseling and scraping a wet messy litter box.
  • More than 7X lighter; don’t struggle to carry heavy kitty litter again! One 2lb bag is equivalent to 21lbs of traditional cat litter.
  • Superior odor control; natural deodorizer eliminates odor leaving cats feeling and smelling fresh and clean.
  • Unscented, chemical free with no added dyes or perfumes; best cat litter developed with the health of your cat in mind. Low in dust for respiratory relief, so you and your precious cat can breathe easier.




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