Product of the Week – Hemp I Scream!™

Hemp I Scream!

Oh, if you can get your hands on this delicious treat, you will not be disappointed! Hemp I Scream!™ is a vegan frozen confection (free from soy, rice and tree nuts) which comes in five flavors: Mocha Mint, Jasmine Flowers, Mango Love, Double Dutch Chocolate, and Unbleached Vanilla.



Available in gluten-free “Iscream” cookies, or by single serving cups or pints. This is one of my favorite things about attending hemp events – you can usually find these tasty treats. If you live in Colorado, California or Lafayette, LA, you’re in luck – you may be able to find them in a local store. Help spread the word and maybe someday we can all enjoy these sweet treats that are this good for you! A serving of Hemp I Scream™ contains 4g of protein, more than whole milk, and is rich is Omega 3’s & 6’s



Where to buy

Click here for a list of stores that carry Hemp I Scream!™


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