Product of the Week – 100% Lightweight Hemp Hat

100% Hemp Hats

This 100% hemp hat is super lightweight and comfortable yet great for protection from the sun. We also love that they run on alternative energy and are environmentally conscious.


About the company:

Deep in the hills of Northern California lives an uncommon hat company, dedicated to fashion, function and fun — as well as the health of our customers and our planet. Like the rugged and alluring coast where our business is located, our Hats are made to last and styled for those seeking a unique look.

Since 1991, Home Grown Hats has manufactured quality hemp hats. This year our company was reborn as Lost Coast Hemp, named for the scenic and remote lost coast of Northern California where we live.

Lost Coast Hemp maintains the smallindependent style that allows us to stay responsive to your needs. We are not “business as usual.” Our office is run on alternative energy and our staff love what they do. We invite you to move forward with us as we cover even more environmentally conscious heads with hemp hats.

Check out all of their hat designs here.

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Lost Coast Hemp

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