Product of the Week – HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter

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HempAlta™Pets Lightweight Hemp Cat Litter   All natural cat litter made from 100% renewable, eco friendly Canadian hemp fiber; our organic ingredients are flushable and biodegradable. Contains no fillers or toxic clay. Up to 5X more absorbent; no more time wasted … Continued

WEEKLY RECIPE – Vegan Hemp Mushroom Burgers

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Vegan Hemp Mushroom Burgers These are similar to our New Mexico Green Chili Burgers.  Finding a vegan burger that holds up on a grill can be challenging, but these do great! The trick is not flipping them more than necessary. … Continued

WEEKLY RECIPE – Hemp Mushroom Cream Gravy – Vegan

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Weekly Recipe – for the Holiday season – Hemp Mushroom Cream Gravy – Vegan This is a rich and creamy vegan gravy made with hemp seeds. It is delicious over mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits or anything else you want to … Continued