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This product is just amazing! I cut an avocado and put half of it in the fridge drawer with one of these and couldn’t believe it looked fresh, like I just cut it, 3 days later! It’s also nice that you get 3 of them per pack and at an affordable price of only $15. That’s a 3 month supply (or $5/month) to get much more ‘drawer’ life out of your veggies.

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Hemp Alta

Coffee Filters

What we like about it

Handmade with ANTI-MICROBIAL HEMP FABRIC (55% Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton)

Reduces waste and brews the BEST cup of coffee!

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Pinyon Products

What we like about it
  • Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, Natural

Hemptique designs the finest quality Eco-Chic beeswaxed hemp wick!

Hemptique’s Eco-Friendly and multipurpose Beeswaxed Hemp Wick can be used in many exciting ways and is great for:

  • Lighting fine herbs, tobacco pipes, candles, barbeques, etc
  • Fire Starter.
  • Survival kits
  • Covering Smells
  • Traditional Book Binding
  • Macrame
  • Jewelry Making
  • Scrapbooking
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift embellishments
  • Crochet and much more!
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