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Our goal is to not re-invent any wheels but rather make them turn faster. We are here to connect industrial hemp advocates and entrepreneurs with the appropriate resources to help them grow within the industry.

If you need help with getting your hemp business off the ground or promoting your hemp product, please contact us. We believe the best way for anyone to help the industry is to purchase hemp products and help spread the word on all things that can be made from hemp. Our goal is make consumers aware of what is currently available and where to shop in addition to helping educate and promote hemp nutrition.

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Anne Delling and Tracy Rice
Anne Delling and Tracy Rice

About us

We met in 2015 and almost immediately started sharing our common interests in ways to help the environment and people. Multiple conversations and a lot of research about plastic, its misuse and lack of alternatives, lead us to learn about hemp plastic, a biodegradable option that is currently being made abroad, namely China. Our conclusion was that hemp could be the answer to not only the plastic epidemic (so we like to call it) but many other issues that have a negative impact on our environment and health. There is no doubt that this plant could provide substantial benefits to a healthier way of living – from building with hemp, a much healthier, and safer alternative to traditional building, to making durable clothes and other textiles, to eating the seeds and oil which are exceptionally nutritious and rich in protein, healthy fats and various minerals, to a bio-diesel fuel made from its oil, and this is only to mention a few of hemp’s many uses.

We decided to pursue a path to help with the supply and demand of hemp and to focus our efforts on where we could have the biggest impact. We have more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, furniture design, and production, along with more than 20 years in direct marketing and database analytics. We also have owned our own successful businesses. While we are identifying other ways to help the industry, we thought, why not offer our services to the people who share the same passion for “reintroducing” hemp to the US? We also see the need to help people understand more about the crop and why we are so far behind other countries with regards to using it today. We plan to expand this site to provide facts, updates on the legality of who and where hemp can be grown currently, as well as educational resources to help farmers, entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone else who has an interest in helping save our planet with this amazing plant.



Meet Tracy Rice

Tracy has been in the direct marketing industry for over 20 years with a focus on data analytics, market research and target marketing. She is an entrepreneur and passionate about finding ways to help save our planet.

After witnessing the misuse of plastic for years and recently researching bio-degradable alternatives, she discovered hemp and it’s nearly 30,000 uses.

“With the knowledge I have gained, I now try to consume and use as much hemp as possible and hope to someday live in a house made of hemp. Due to both its positive impact on the environment and being one of nature’s best sources for plant-based protein, it’s no question as to why I want to incorporate as much as I can in to my life. It not only assists me with my need to live a healthy lifestyle but also helps me reduce my carbon footprint.”

Tracy continues to look for ways to help others and has volunteered with several organizations over the past 5 years. In 2017, she volunteered with All Hands and Hearts and traveled to St. Thomas, USVI to assist with clean up after the devastating hurricanes hit and left many people homeless.

“Gutting houses and advising victims that they needed to dispose of most of their possessions was just heart wrenching. The amount of mold and mildew that set in after roofs were ripped off houses was incredible. I couldn’t help but think about what could have been saved if only these structures were made of hempcrete since it is both mold/mildew and fire resistant. Not only did people lose precious belongings and have their lives turned upside down, we also sent so much trash to the landfills that it would make any environmentally conscious individual simply want to cry!”

Tracy’s goal is to help others understand the power of this plant and hopefully convince them of how it can help us reach a more sustainable way of living and in turn, save our planet!


Meet Anne Delling

Anne has been a graphic designer for 30 years and is currently working to help artists and entrepreneurs bring their visions to light. She is responsible for the creation and design of the Grow With Hemp logo.

For the past 20 years, she has made it her mission to reduce her carbon footprint by reducing the trash she and her family produce by choosing bulk foods, rejecting single serving packaging, avoiding plastic water bottles and using cloth towels rather than paper.

“Anything disposable or convenient is suspect to me and I find it is extremely important to be mindful of everything we do and how it affects the planet.”

In 2002, Anne started designing and building furniture, making sure that the wood they sourced was either reclaimed barnwood or sustainably grown and responsibly harvested lumber.

 “The industry opened my eyes to new areas where waste and contamination were prominent.  New construction, home remodels and replacing useful things with new ones just because it’s new; all these things produce unnecessary waste, much of it toxic. Finding more sustainable ways of building and remodeling are paramount in the housing industry. There are many wonderful green-building techniques, but finding a carbon-neutral material like hempcrete is hope for the future!”

“The more I learn about hemp, the more convinced I am that this single plant can help save our planet.  It is my hope that we can move past the propaganda of the past that has confused people into believing that it is a dangerous drug and should be banned. The uses are as countless as the benefits. We must educate the public on every level, while at the same time, avoiding the temptation of greed and misrepresentation. “

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