Grow With Hemp™ displays and sells a wide variety of hemp products at our booth at events. Many of these products are available online from the manufacturer (see below). We do offer Organic, US-Grown Hemp Hearts and Hemp Protein Powders as well as Hemp Oil Shampoo and Body Bars. These are available for purchase at




How we choose hemp products:

The products you see on our site are the best hemp products and companies we know. Our goal is to help consumers learn what hemp products are currently available through continued research and feedback. We consider where the product is made (or comes from), the cost and quality so it is easy for you to know your best options.

Know of a hemp product you’d like us to add?

Do you use a hemp product you really like? Are you a hemp entrepreneur with a product you’d like help promoting?

Please email us what you like about it and where to find it. We’ll be happy to consider adding it.